Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Recap

Fall is here. The crisp cool days, the smell of wood smoke in the air and the leaves are slowly changing. Thanks to global warming (or something, that’s just a good scapegoat) we also has some wacky weather over the weekend. Thursday I was out until 10pm running errands. I had a list of places to stop: Michaels, Linens n’ Things, my parents so I could use the computer and do laundry and Walmart. Friday I got home after work and didn’t leave. I kept the blinds closed so I couldn’t see the rain or wind, lit a bunch of candles and scrapbooked all evening. It was wonderful.

Saturday was “National Card Making Day”. I met Teresa on the Canadian side of the border and together we went down to a scrapbook store in Bellingham for a card class. 15 cards for $15 in two hours. Cute cards too and it showed how many you can make with a small amount of paper. When I got home I used the “formula” they had showed us along with a new stamp set I bought and made another 10 cards in less than an hour.

Sunday after church I went over to Mom & Dad’s for lunch. Mom was in Alberta all last week staying with her dad who had cataract surgery on Tuesday. He’s doing well and my aunt has actually moved in with him now which is good. He may be getting his eyesight back but his hearing is mostly gone :(

Sunday evening I went over to Chris & Natalie’s and we played Settlers of Catan, with the Cities & Knights expansion pack. I’ve played Settlers with the Seafarers pack but I like Cities & Knights better. I lost but it was still fun ;) I worked with Natalie at NR and we've been planning a games night for awhile. I'm pretty sure we'll have more in the future and I can't wait!

So that was my weekend. Nothing too crazy but really enjoyable.

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shirley319 said...

I need to close the blinds and light some candles the next time I scrap. Sounds wonderful!