Friday, August 21, 2009

This is different

I was going through some draft posts yesterday and I found this one. I wrote it on February 7th of this year but never published it for some reason:
I was just talking to my brother Seth. He and Robert are out shopping for Valentines gifts and the question of "how much should an engagement ring cost" came up so they called for my opinon. Of course they prefaced it by saying they're NOT buying rings, just wondering.

Anyways, Seth also told me that whoever he marries, be it his current girlfriend if it develops like that or someone else, needs to have a lot of MY qualities! My willingness to try new things and be spontaneous. Wow. I know they say a girl often looks for someone like her dad but I've never heard a guy admit that he likes the qualities in his sister that much...
It's timely because, as you know, Seth is here right now with his girl friend Brittany. We had dinner in White Rock last night with my parents and then walked along the water front. The path doesn't allow for five people to walk abreast so Brittany and I strolled ahead. We had a blast. Laughing, making comments about people and their clothes and discussing everything from cheap sunglasses to country music.

I started this blog after Seth broke up with his first long time girlfriend (aka the bride at the wedding on Saturday) so I haven't talked about her here. I'm trying to remember if she and I ever "clicked" like Brittany and I have. Maybe it's been to long but I don't think it was ever this way. She was always "Seth's girlfriend" whereas Brittany seems to be much more of her own person and relates to us that way.

The rehersal is tonight followed by a "guys night out" so I'm taking Brittany and we're going shopping :D I'll let you know how it goes.

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