Thursday, August 27, 2009

I’m the hero of the office.

And I’m a fraud. Actually, you already know I’m a fraud. I named this blog “Coffee, Country Music and the Corporate world” but only because the “C” of coffee fit the alliteration I was looking for. “Starbucks” is really a better term. I don’t drink “coffee” at Starbucks, or at Tim Hortons for that matter. I love going there though and I drink all the frou-frou drinks. At home I drink ::gasp:: instant, sometimes French press if I’m feeling fancy…which isn’t usually, and at work, I drink whatever’s available.

At work I’m responsible for sourcing the coffee so I generally buy whatever is readily available, within budget and satisfactory. Not great, but satisfactory. Well the coffee snobs rebelled. They managed to get our boss to agree to a fancy smancy “grind and brew” coffee machine. I’m a hero because I picked it up from the store. They set it up yesterday and it was like someone had a new puppy. Everyone was oohing and ahhing and watching the first beans be ground. Whatever.

I’m drinking my first cup from the new machine right now and its fine. Better than the crap coffee I normally buy but not something I’m willing to chip in to subsidize.

So, hero, fraud. You be the judge. Me? I’ll stick with basic coffee…and laugh at the snobs :D

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