Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Thunks

1. Have you ever played Bullshit?
Yep, we called it the more benign "cheat" and it usally followed a rousing game of "Asshole"...which we called "Peon". Definite favourites in our house.

2. A dog licks you on your face. Are you disgusted or thinking it was sweet?
Disgusted. I can't stand licky or yappy dogs. Actually, I'd take a drooling baby over a dog any day.

3. Tell us about a fun/special memory you have of a grandparent.
I was in "my" bedroom at their house one evening. The door was open and I saw them pause in the hallway and kiss. My grandparents were NOT at ALL physically demonstrative and I think that's the only time I ever saw them kiss. It was a very private moment that I got to witness and I remember sleeping so soundly because I could feel the love and I felt so secure that night.

4. Have you ever pet a rat?
Possibly. Not something I'd go out of my way to do.

5. If I walked into your kitchen, where are the cups?
In the cupboard between the sink and the fridge.

6. Since you already let me in your home, I found the cup and had water, now where's the bathroom from the kitchen?
Go back towards the front door, turn left and right and it's at the end of the hallway. It's the room with the toilet in it :D

7. Have you ever pet a turtle or tortoise?
Yes, although "pet" is an odd word.

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