Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer Night Market

Friday evening Seth was at the rehersal so Mom, Brittany and I went shopping! Our ultimate destination was the Summer Night Market in Richmond but it didn't open until 7pm so we popped in to Daiso on the way. Daiso is basically a Japanese dollar store (well, two dollar store) but it's fun to visit.

We got to the market around 7:30 and started with the food booths because we were all starving. You can get plenty of weird and wonderful food there. It's like a fair, but with Asian flair! I started with a "wheel cake" which is a doughy pastry filled with Nutella. There was a lot of Nutella available there. Yummy!

Next up was huge spring rolls, and skewers of chicken and potato wrapped in bacon with a mango drink to wash it all down. Oh, and deep fried sweet potato balls. They were really, really gooey and I ended up throwing half the stick away.

We skipped all the seafood although there was plenty of it available. Squid, prawns, "curry fish balls" etc. No thank you!

The booths are filled with all sorts of things. Lots of cell phone accessories, Brittany got a charger for her iPhone, movies, decorations, blankets, shoes, purses (I FINALLY found a white purse that I love. I've been looking for months) and more. Part of the market is the thrill of the hunt. The other part is just enjoying a beautiful summer evening in an incredibly diverse city.
I uploaded a bunch more photos to Facebook if you're interested.

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