Wednesday, February 03, 2010

1,000 Posts

I’ve been dancing around this particular post for a couple of months now. In December I posted that I was celebrating my 4th Anniversary of this blog.

Well, minus some posts that remain as drafts (some of which will see the light of day and others that won’t for various reasons) I can officially say that I have made 1,000 posts!!! (I say I’ve been dancing around this post because I keep going through the drafts and deleting some or posting them if they’re still relevant).

1000 blog entries in four years. I did almost 400 in the first year, and it’s tapered off since then, but I’m still blogging.

According to my labels the most popular categories are: general updates (168), stuff (97), work (72), gratitude (59) and country music (51). Scrapbooking (38) and Dierks (36) are the next highest. Interesting.

Here’s to another 1000. It will be interesting to see what my biggest categories are in the NEXT four years :)


shirley said...

Congrats!! I just hit 1000, too. You and Empress4 (Melissa) influenced me to start blogging back in late 2005.

Here's to another 1000 posts!

Shelljo said...

Congrats! Gee, and I thought I was doing well! I'm only 1/2 way there! Good job!