Monday, February 08, 2010

Olympic Torch Run

The Olympic torch arrived in my hometown this evening and I (and 20,000 others) were on hand to greet it. I actually saw it going down our main street while I was trying to drive to the festival site. I met up with my friend Mike and we walked up to the site together and Meredith met us there. I had tons of other friends around too. Some of which I saw, some I didn't (like my parents) although we did talk on the phone. There was stage entertainment up until the torch entered the stadium and then we watched in go around most of the track and up to the stage. There were lots of torch bearers around with their extinguished torches and they were all really awesome about letting us pose for pictures with them.

Once on stage the "cauldron" was lit and a bunch of politicians, including our Provincial Premier, Gordon Campbell gave speeches. Oh, and of course we sang O Canada.
Then there were dances by a local dance troupe, including dancing inukshuks. The were kind of cute...

To end the evening these two (he's from Nunavut, she's from New Brunswick...or maybe vice versa) they took the flame, and put it inside the little lantern she was carrying where it will stay over night. Then it's off to the rest of the lower mainland.

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