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January 2010 12of12

Better late than never?

January 12, 2010 The "12 of 12" people always suggest putting your camera right by your bed so you start taking pictures first thing in the morning. This day, when my alarm when off, I grabbed my camera and took a picture of what I look like when I'm sleeping. Even though I was technically awake, it was only just.

The night before I had washed my hair. I brushed it out in the morning and before re-braiding it, I took a picture.
This day marked on year of being back at my old job, in my new position. How did I celebrate? By spending well over an hour in the non-ventilated server room on the phone with Telus and my video conference technician trying to fix some technical issues. I'm publishing this post on February 6th and it was this Thursday (the 4th) that these issues were finally, fully resolved. Uggh.
Because I was trapped in the server room, I took the time to organize it. The bucket shown here was FULL of cords. I took them out one by one, wrapped them up and divided them into drawers in this unit. Not the way I wanted to spend my morning but at least I achieved something useful.

After dealing with technicians all morning, I treated myself to Burger King for lunch. There is a location a few blocks from work that used to be a Burger King, then they became some other burger joint and recently they've had a "Burger King Coming Soon" sign up. It FINNALLY opened and this was my first visit. It was probably the worst BK food I've ever had (half the fries weren't done) but the staff was awesome. Very funny and engaging. I'll go back just to have them serve me.

While I ate I listened to Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice on cd. It's our book club selection for the month. More on that in a bit.
After work I went and gave blood. Giving is always a crapshoot for me. I fail regularly for a variety of reasons. This time I was successful! And I got cookies...that's the best part of giving blood :D
So, back to book club. I mentioned in my last post that I had read a book about a club who read books and then did an activity based on the story. Well my friends Leah and Anj decided to form a book club that they have dubbed "Script to Screen" (S2S) the premise is that we will read a book and then watch the movie. Yes it limits us to books that have been turned into movies but there's TONS of those with more being made every year.

January 12th was our first meeting, an "orientation" of sorts. Everyone brought snacks to share. There were brownies with "movie tickets" that had quotes on them.
And tons of other yummy food.
Leah and Anj had a whole agenda worked out covering everything they thought would be important when you have a group of women getting together.

This was basically the same group that got together to watch Twilight and then go to see New Moon in November.
Leah hadn't seen the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice so that's what we selected for our first book. I'll put that in a separate post.

Leah and Anj went all out with decorating and staying in theme. Showing it all would go over 12 pictures but suffice to say, it was awesome. The last picture is one of the stacks of books they had as a centre piece on the table to get us in the mood :)

So that's my day. Better late than never and killing two birds with one stone because I got to talk about S2S in the same post!

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