Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Avoiding Embarassment

I have a newish co-worker (he’s actually been working with us for over a year but changes in his position have recently meant that we work quite closely on a number of issues). We get along really well and joke about all sorts of things. He meets with clients one on one and some of the individuals are rather interesting (some in a good way, some not). He had a client come in yesterday who I found quite good looking. I was going to make a comment to my co-worker about getting to meet with all the “good” clients (it stems from him having met with a male underwear model a few months ago) but for some reason with this one I bit my tongue and stayed professional. Come to find out, this “client” was my coworkers SON! How awkward would that have been!!! Thank goodness I didn’t say anything!!!

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