Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Three for Three!

I received an offer of admission from the University of Guelph today. I'm still going to Laurier and now I'm even more glad that I made that decision before waiting to hear from Guelph.

I didn't blog about but back in March I actually went to an open house for Guelph. I felt a bit weird being there without having an offer but I realized that there were quite a few others in the same situation as me. It was really interesting to hear about the school and about university life in general but even after that, I still felt that Laurier was best for ME. It is nice to know that, if when I get there, Laurier ISN'T right for me, that I have something to fall back on though. It's also good for the ego to know that all three schools I applied accepted my application :)

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