Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Haha I Beat You!

Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh but it's what I keep thinking!!! We hired my current boss in October. He came on board with a few conditions on his contract and one is that he only intends to work for the organization for a few years until he retires. Everyone knows this but he talks about it with me more than anyone. I'm the Office Administrator/Executive Assistant so it makes sense. I'm also the HR manager from a paperwork point of view so he logs his hours with me etc. Anyways, he was talking about it again today. About increasing certain staff members hours, upping salaries, and, to facilitate this from a budget point of view, phasing himself out in a few years. Whether he can totally do that or they'll have to replace him is still up for debate but that's the goal.

He's an awesome boss. Definitely one of the best I've had yet...and not only because the guy he replaced was completely useless. This guy is smart (like, Phd smart), funny, professional, courteous, etc. Everything a fabulous boss should be. It almost makes me feel guilty about leaving. Almost.

It's weird to hear him talk about not being around in a few years when I know that I won't be around in a few MONTHS! The thing is, I too was hired after disclosing the fact that I was leaving...but the person that hired me isn't there anymore and as far as I can tell, he didn't disclose the fact that I have an expiry date to anyone. So my current boss doesn't know. And he won't until I'm ready to give my formal notice. At least that's the plan. If it comes out sooner it won't be the end of the world. He has an expiry date too. Maybe he'll be more sympathetic to mine :)

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