Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Ultimate Goal

Yesterday I had an experience that I'm not eager to repeat.

I taught high school.

Well, maybe "taught" is a bit of an exageration. I was a guest speaker at a local high school for three blocks. Hardest thing I've done in awhile and I had a splitting headache when I was done. Not to mention how exhausted I felt. It was a good experience though. It really reinforced what I DON'T want to do with the rest of my life. :P

Speaking of that though, there are a few very standard questions whenever you tell someone that you're going to university.
1. Where are you going
2. What are you taking 3.
What do you want to do when you graduate?

You can switch up the order but that's what most people need to establish. When I tell people that I'm taking History, they invariably ask if I want to teach. My answer is no. Always has been. Even before yesterday. I really don't see my self in a traditional school environment. Even university. Maybe I'll change once I'm actually there but I doubt it.

My standard answer is "I want to work at a museum or National Historic Site". My new favourite website is Parks Canada (which operates both parks and National Historic Sites - NHS). I was poking around on there the other day and found this listing: Student Jobs at Parks Canada There are SO many jobs on that page that I want to do. Here are a sample:
Student Interpretive Guide and Visitor Centre
  • Administration: Work with Public
    Administration: Work with Public -- Cashier
    Administration: Work with Public -- Visitor Services Attendant
    Administration: Records Management - Records Management
    Administration: Office Work - Receptionist
    Parks/Recreation/Tourism: Tourist Information - Historic Sites/Museum Interpretation
    Parks/Recreation/Tourism: Tourist Information - Tour Guide
    Parks/Recreation/Tourism: Tourist Information - Guide-Interpreter
    Culture, Arts and Heritage: Communications - Public Speaking

There's probably more but basically that shows the TYPE of work I want to do. Whether it's for Parks Canada, a museum or other historical tourist attraction, THAT is the field I want to be working in. Yes "teaching" will very possibly be part of what ever I do but it won't be in a traditional classroom setting. I can't wait to get started!!!

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