Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 12 of 12

I believe that after over a year of doing 12 of 12's, this is the first time I've ever uploaded the pictures ON the 12th!!! Go me! So, I actually totally forgot about it until lunch. Well, I knew about it, I just didn't have ANY time. With year end having just passed and the bookeeper in today, my office was like Grand Central so it wasn't really conducive to taking pictures. The first shot I got during the day was of the beautiful cherry blossoms that I park under each day at lunch. The smell so wonderful. I love this time of year!

I had a good mail day today. An official letter from WLU welcoming me to the school (the acknowledgment I've been looking for!) and a CM workshop gift certificate as a thank you for referring a friend to a local CMC.
On the way back to work I treated myself to a Dark Cherry Frappacino with the gift card I got from my cousin a few days ago. It came in thank you card for letting them stay with me during the Olympics.

My cousin mentioned this book in her Facebook status. It's VERY different from what I usually read but it's extremely captivating already. I'm only a little way in to it but I really want to find out what happens next.

The picture on the left is symbolic but it requires a lot of explanation. First the time, I left the office at 5 (I get off at 4:30) That means I was in my car listening to my radio at 5pm which means it's on FM2/CH6 which means it's on 94.1 KMPS out of Seattle. Why? Because at 5pm Tony Thomas plays his "Five O'Clock Test Track". Today was Dierks Bentley's new single called "Up On The Ridge" Love new music from Dierks!!!
I had a new recipe I wanted to try so I stopped at the grocery store for broccoli and parmesean cheese...$30 later...well you get the picture :P

This is the recipe. It's a super simple one from Kraft. My finished product is on the left.

After dinner I headed out to my last regular evening of Square Dance. I was glad that it landed on the 12 of 12 because I wanted to capture it but I didn't expect having so MUCH to capture! We had the graduation for the new dancers. The club president enlisted me to put grad caps on each of the dancers. When I finished I realized there was an extra one. It was for ME! I actually technically progressed from beginner to Mainstream in April 2007 but I was in Texas when that grad ceremony happened so I missed out. I got my certificate but not everything that went with it. It was really special to be recognized and included in the celebrations tonight. Kind of symbolic as well because I'm "graduating" from this group of friends and going out in to the big world! One person said "just think, the next cap you'll wear will be black - when you graduate university". I have to admit, I've been so focused on STARTING school that the idea of FINISHING hasn't really even been on my mind. Realizing what I'm committing to is huge and exciting.
What followed was an evening of fun and silliness. Have you ever tried to dance with paper bags on your feet? The worst part is simply how loud it is!!! LOL

A few weeks ago we had a "recycle sale". Everyone brings the square dance clothes that they're not wearing anymore and offers them up for sale. I got rid of most of the stuff I don't wear at our Fall sale but this Spring I brought my club jacket in. (You can see it in the last picture of my first 12 of 12 post here" I can't remember if I actually paid anything for it or if I was just given it so I decided to pass it on to someone at no charge. Mostly I just didn't want it sitting in a box because I won't be wearing it. Maureen (middle) just happened to be downstairs when I went down to find a lucky soul to adopt my coat and since it fit her, I gave it to her. She's a new dancer so I thought it was appropriate. This evening, as a thank you (because I wouldn't accept money) she brought me this plaque. It says "DREAM: Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars" She also included a little note that reads "

Dear Heidi, When I was in nursing school, I had a sign over my study area that said Though semesters never last, tough students do". I couldn't find that one, so I hope this one will do.

Thanks again for the jacket. We will miss your friendly smiling face at square dancing. I am sure you will do well with your studies.

Best of luck! Maureen.

She had no way of knowing but this plaque is extra special because "DREAM" is my One Word for 2010 and I didn't have anything to represent it. I made sure to tell her and I know this is one thing I'll find room to bring with me to Ontario.

The club also gave me a card with a special name tag that says "Missing Link". That choked me up a bit. I guess it's the first of many goodbyes! I'd better get used to this!!!

So there we go, a 12 of 12 posted before 12 on the 12th! Woohoo!!!

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Shelljo said...

Somehow, I think you are really going to miss, and be missed by the Dancers! Sounds like a very special group.