Thursday, July 01, 2010


I've been meaning to post this for a long time. How convenient that I finally get to it today, Canada Day! The picture is of the map that hangs in (what is now again) my bedroom. I bought around 2002 or 03. Back when I was planning a trip across Canada. A road trip. I had all the guide books, maps from each province (they're free on the tourism websites) and I bought this to hang on the wall to inspire me. At one point I even had sticky notes on locations showing when I wanted to be in each province. I had planned to drive out in June and come back in July. The plan (obviously) never really got off the ground but it's ALWAYS been a dream of mine.

Seven weeks and I get to fulfill it. Now, from a geographical standpoint I'm only going halfway across but still, I get to see SO many things that I've never seen before and I'll be halfway there so going the rest of the way (to the East Coast) won't be that daunting...I hope. I haven't decided yet if I'll take the map with me. Probably not because it's large and laminated and really, I can get one in Ontario. :P Still, it's very exciting to wake up each morning and know that in seven weeks I'll have started this trip that I've been dreaming about and planning for so many years. That I'll be visiting places I've only ever seen on a map!

PS this map inspired the new look of my blog. Mine to Discover. A whole country full!!!

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