Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garage Sale

I decided at the end of April that I wanted to have a garage sale before moving. I've been putting stuff into boxes designated for the sale and then taking the boxes to Mom & Dad's when they get full. I hadn't quite decided on a sale date yet but on Wednesday I heard that a friend of mine was holding her own sale. I asked if I could join her and she was more than happy to have me. I think that's the key for procrastinators. Only give yourself a few days to get ready!

I spent Thursday and Friday scrambling to get as much as I could ready for the sale and Friday evening Dad helped me take a bunch over to Cathy's. Saturday morning I didn't get up quite as bright and early as I had hoped but I was still there by 8:30am. The sale was slotted to start at 9 but of course there were early birds. It was BUSY until 11 and then it slowed to a steady trickle. I sold approximately half of what I had brought, all of it for under $5/piece. Most at 25 cents to a dollar. I brought home over $100. Not stellar but not bad for a days work and better than donating everything for nothing.

Everything I didn't sell I gathered up and took back to Mom & Dad's. I'm planning a second sale just before I leave to give the stuff one last chance. A different neigbourhood will bring different customers and I've learned a bit about displaying and pricing since doing the first one. Plus by that time I'll probably have a few new things to designate for sale. With my last day at work looming (and therefore my last paycheck) every little bit counts!

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