Saturday, July 03, 2010

"Are you excited?"

I've noticed an interesting pattern among people who I am talking to about my impending move. A number of them have been asking "are you excited?", "are you looking forward to moving?". My response is always "Of course!" and yesterday I even pointed out, "If I wasn't excited or looking forward to it for some reason, I WOULDN'T GO!" I suppose they just need reassurance, or maybe they're recognizing how many good-byes I have in front of me that I haven't really acknowledged yet.

The thing is, this move is a CHOICE. I'm not being forced to go by work, or family or other circumstances. I am CHOSING to close up my life in BC (for the most part) and to pick up and move to Ontario. Chosing. I could CHOSE to NOT go at any time. Yes people would look at me funny but they look at me funny as it is :P

Yesterday I was at a wedding for friends who will be living in Ontario. (He's from there, she's from here). I had a mini cry sessions with the bridesmaids, one who lives here and one who lives in Saskatchewan (but is from BC). I was laughing (through my tears) because I'm going WITH the bride and groom (in that I'll be in the same province as them) and I'll be with many of the people who were in that room. But the tears were to acknowledge those who I (and the bridesmaid from SK) are/have left behind.

Truly, it is wonderful to know that I have so many friends here. I also have a lot of "friends" in Ontario that I'm excited to get to know better. So, "am I excited?" YOU BET! Because if I wasn't I wouldn't go.

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