Friday, July 09, 2010

July Long Weekend Update

There. All it takes is one really busy long weekend to totally derail my new commitment to blogging. In brief (and sans pictures because I’d never get to it that way)

Friday, July 2nd my friends Sharlaine and James were married. James is from Ontario and they will be living there. There were a LOT of out of towners in for the wedding. Many of them attend the church I’ll be attending in Ontario so it was kind of a preview and “hey how are you, I’m moving in two months” kind of weekend for me. That set the mood for the whole weekend.

Wednesday after church a bunch of us went to Sharlaine’s dad’s house to visit. I got home around midnight but it was great to see everyone.

Thursday, July 1st was Canada Day. A group of us had made plans to spend the day at Hicks Lake and, despite the weather (we froze) we had fun. In the evening we split up. Those with kids went home to watch the fireworks and the rest of us stayed out at Harrison to see the display there.

Friday was the wedding. Absolutely beautiful and perfect. The weather was still overcast and a bit cool but at least no one was squinting for pictures :) The reception was full of speeches and slide shows and a few of us had a bit of a cry fest afterwards but it was really special.

Saturday I spent the day at the BerryBeat Festival. This was my eighth or ninth year volunteering and one of the smoothest we’ve had yet. Again it was really overcast which had pros and cons. On one hand we were COLD. On the other, it wasn’t nearly as exhausting as battling heat all weekend. Still, by the time I got home that evening (I left early because it was winding down) I was pretty tired. It was only 7:30 which I thought was too early to go to bed but I laid down anyways and fell right to sleep. I slept through till 7 the next morning. It was wonderful.

Sunday I went to church and then back to BerryBeat for the afternoon. Clean up after the festival went quickly and I was done by 6pm. From there I went out to a friends house where she was hosting a BBQ/bonfire for all the visitors.

So, busy weekend, lots of laughs and fun times. It was nice to be able to say “see you soon” instead of goodbye to everyone. Just think, less than two months and I’ll be living in Ontario full time! But before then, I have the summer in BC to enjoy :)

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