Friday, July 02, 2010

World Cup

I’m not a soccer fan. In high school I’d play defence so I didn’t have to run as much (not goalie, that was too stressful). I know that it’s called “football” everywhere else and I know the World Cup is on right now (you can’t avoid it!) but I had to read the Wikipedia article to understand how it all works.

The first time I remember being conscious of the World Cup was in 1998 when I was at summer camp. One of the other counsellors was getting updates from home and he’d make a point of sharing them with the whole camp. For some reason I seem to remember him cheering for France although I don’t know why.

This year my cousin’s fiancé is in South Africa covering the World Cup for work. It’s been fascinating to watch his updates on Facebook. Definitely the closest I’ve been to the hoopla.

When we were at the family reunion earlier this month, my uncle was wearing his “Netherlands” shirt so my aunt and cousins brought out a South Africa flag. It was fun to see different family members celebrating their heritage.

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