Saturday, August 25, 2007

Canadian Idol

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge fan of reality tv. Give me a well written drama any day. Somehow though, this summer, I've really gotten in to the latest season of Canadian Idol. I've watched a handful of episodes from Canadian and American Idol over the years and I'm generally aware of who is making the cut (it's hard to avoid!) but this season is the first one that I've actually made a point of watching. It think it helped that in the top ten were not one but two "hometown heros".

Abbotsford has had it's share of "Idols". Karen Lee Batten, Shane Weibe, Jacob Hogard of Hedley, Greg Neufeld who was a finalist in the top 22 last year and who made it to the top seven this year and Mission's Carly Rae Jepsen who is currently in the top four.

Carly Rae was at Mission's Heritage Park today for a hometown concert. The crowd was huge and the rain that fell near the end didn't dampen our spirits.

There were lots of touching tributes including a proclimation from the Mayor designating August 25, 2007 as "Carly Rae Day" in Mission. There were speeches by the local MP and the MLA read a letter from Premier Gordon Campbell.
It was neat to see so much support for Carly. She was only able to sing a handful of songs but after hearing her live I like her even more! Her voice is really unique and she has great potential.

She had a special surprise too. Greg Neufeld was in the crowd and she brought him up for a guest performance.
The next round of Canadian Idol is on Monday/Tuesday. Go Carly Rae!!!

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