Friday, August 10, 2007

It looks scary on paper

Okay, so you can tell by reading my blog that it's been a busy summer. Look at it when it's all typed out though. This is one month. Keep in mind I work 9-5.
July 20 SSWA Retreat
July 21 SSWA Retreat
July 22 SSWA Retreat
July 23 Got together with Mere
July 24 Tupperware Party
July 25 Evening Church Service
July 26 Dinner with Tracy
July 27 at a Resort in Harrison Hot Springs
July 28 at a Resort in Harrison Hot Springs
July 29 at a Resort in Harrison Hot Springs/Picnic with friends
July 30 DAY OFF!
July 31 Birthday dinner
August 1 Evening Church Service
August 2 Volunteering at local fair
August 3 Attending local fair
August 4 River Tour/Celebration of Light in Vancouver
August 5 Volunteering at local fair
August 6 Volunteering at local fair/Picnic with Family/Scrapbooking with friend
August 7 Dinner with friends
August 8 Evening Church Service
August 9 Friend's Cello Recital - make squares
August 10 Camping
August 11 Camping
August 12 Camping
August 13 Coffee w/ friends/ Meeting momto2pdx at Earls
August 14 Volunteer wrap up dinner/Blood donation scheduled
August 15 Evening Church Service
August 16 FREE DAY (but you KNOW it won't last)
August 17 Many options, haven't decided what's happening yet
August 18 Church
August 19 Church
August 21 Volunteer meeting
and on and on and on!

THIS is why I'm not a consultant. I don't have TIME! And this is SUMMER! When school kicks back in other activities will start up again. Don't get me wrong. I love it. Obviously or I wouldn't be doing it but yi yi yi!!! You know I looked at my couch the other day and realized that I haven't actually sat on it in weeks. It looks like it's going to be at least that long again before I get to use the poor thing!

~Heidi...getting scared when looking at her day planner...

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Janis said...

So, where is your "visit Janis in Nanimo" entry??? :)