Sunday, August 19, 2007

Super Saturday

Yesterday was such a good day. Even though I was crazy busy I just had a good time. It started off slowly (as mentioned in my previous post). French toast for breakfast and puttering around. I finally got dressed and walked downtown to the library where I chatted with Meredith's aunt, to the bank and to the Farmers Market. At the Market I ran into my pastor and his wife who were showing visitors around. We have a visiting pastor in town this weekend and while he was studying, his wife, son, daughter and their significant others were there. It was nice to be able to meet them before the service yesterday evening.

From there I stopped at home and dropped off my purchases and headed up town. I have a gift certificate for Reitmans so I stopped in there to see if anything struck my fancy (it didn't but it's still nice to shop) and then into the cell phone store where Steve was doing a "on location" broadcast. Curtis (the afternoon guy) was there as well and I hung out and laughed with them for probably 15 minutes. It was fun :)

When I got home I started cooking. I like to have chili in the freezer for the days when I don't feel like making a lunch. Jenna had given me a chunk of mooseburger so I fried that up and made a huge pot of chili. I also made "Scotcheroos" (a recipe from Stacie on HSS) and, with my mom's help, "Christmas Ribbon Squares" (a jello dessert).

Oh and I forgot the most exciting thing that I discovered. The radio station has live streaming!!!!!!! Visit: and you too can hear Steve (5:30-9am Pacific) It means that I can listen at work too. Very cool.

Let's see, after all my cooking I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen, ironed a bunch and then laid down for a short nap before taking a shower and going to church.

Saturday evening services are special events for us. This one is just because of the visiting minister. The service was fantastic and afterwards we had a reception in the basement. I've been going to this church for over twenty years and we had a lot of out of town visitors in too. People I haven't seen in a long time. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone.

Today we have another service and then a banquet at a local hotel. My church is small (about 75 people in the core congregation) so it's like a big family reunion. Lots of fun :)


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Veronica in Aus said...

Mooseburger? Oh boy, that doesn't sound like something I could eat ;)