Thursday, August 09, 2007

Celebration of Light

Last weekend was so busy and the week hasn't been much better. Here it is Thursday already and I'm still trying to catch up on what happened! So, Saturday after the river tour we went to the "Wee Chippie" for fish & chips. Something about watching the fishermen made us want to eat their catch LOL Following that I *raced* to meet up with Melissa, Jevon and Scott (my Hemlock buddies) and we carpooled in to Vancouver for the Celebration of Light. I've lost track of how many times I've been but it's always a blast. We had a horrible time finding parking (which is normal for this event) and ended up parking where *I* normally park (in Stanley Park by the horse barns). Of course Jevon was driving so I bit my tounge while he circled ;)

We got a spot right on English Bay facing the barge where the fireworks are shot off from. Jevon brought Settlers of Catan and we played a game of that right away. I did much better this time. Came in second I think.
Melissa and I went and braved the crowds after that. I don't have any pictures but we stopped at CUPCAKES by heather & lori for gourmet cupcakes. I got "kookoo" and "mint condition" and then over to Flying Wedge Pizza where we got "Tropical Pig" (Hawaiian) and "Traditional Pepperoni" to share. We also stopped at 7-eleven where I was pleased to discover Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper Slushie!!!

After dinner I napped for a bit. As I was laying there, inspired by Stacy's Blog Challenge I tried to capture what I was experiencing with the five senses. Remember this is before the sun went down and before the show started.
See: People, everywhere you look
Smell: Marjuana. Only in Vancouver. To me it's the smell of summer.
Taste: My Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper. Yum!
Hear: Tens of thousands of voices in every language imaginable
Feel: The warm sun and the cool breeze

When the show finally started at 10pm we were ready. The breeze off the water was cool but it wasn't strong enough to move the smoke so it wasn't 100% ideal conditions for a display of this magnitude. It was still fantastic though. This was the finale (Canada won) and each country (Spain and China were the other two that participated) did a display and it culminated in a huge extravaganza. It was incredible. I took a LOT of pictures (to the point that Melissa asked if I was filming them LOL)

These are my favourite though. If you ever come visit (and you don't mind HUGE crowds) The Celebration of Light is worth seeing.


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Tonya said...

Wow! Looks like tons of fun. You did a fantastic job with the pictures.