Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jumping on the blog quiz train

Stacy challenged us to post a quiz for our blog readers. After doing everyone else's quizzes for a few days, I've finally come up with my own. Have fun!


Stacy Kocur said...

Man. What a poor showing I made. Love you anyway! ;)

Veronica in Aus said...

Not bad...the ones I got wrong were:
-how many times you've seen Dierk in concert - I said 4 (so I was close!)
-The Canadian province you haven't been too - I said Saskatchewan
-and your favourite summer drink (I said water)

And I so wanted to answer #3 as Australia...but I knew that wasn't right :)

Tonya said...

WOO HOO! It pays to read your blog. LOL! I do not know the provinces so did not get that. I was for sure you would have met Dierks at every concert so I missed that. I knew you had car trouble just a bit ago, but did not know what kind of car it was and I thought for sure you drank those trendy drinks! I guess on your parents pet and got it right!

This is too fun. I am loving everyones! Great Challenge!

Darrcie said...

I think it's funny that the people scoring highest are the ones that know you on-line AND in real life. Fun quiz. Wish Kevin was here when I took it, he would have known your car right off (like he knows everyone's car and I never do.)

agent713 said...

I've met everyone who took the quiz so far, at least once. You'll note that my BEST FRIEND, who does NOT read my blog, scored lower than others? I think that's funny :) To her credit though she did acidently select the wrong answer on one when she knew the answer. Still, she was far from aceing it.