Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The longest short week ever

Four times a year I organize face to face board meetings for my day job. One is always in conjunction with our Annual General Meeting and three (February, May and November) are just standard meetings held in Vancouver. They start with dinner at 6pm on Thursday and run through Friday as long as necessary, usually into the early afternoon.

The weeks leading up to board meetings are always crazy busy. There are hotel arrangements to be made. RSVP's to collect, catering and AV to coordinate and TONS of handouts to prepare. The handouts are the hardest part. I have a full page spreadsheet detailing what I need to have, how many and who I am getting it from. I generally start working on them the week before the meeting. It's always lots of pressure to get them finished as soon a possible but I CAN'T finish them until I get the information FROM everyone so it's lots of following up and hounding people. Something I don't particularly enjoy.

Then there's the handouts that *I* have to prepare. One of which I am procrastinating on right now. I'll go do it though. You have to practice what you preach right?

Before that though, back to the title. Because our meetings are evening/continuing in the morning and in Vancouver (about an hour away from home) we just stay over night. That means that we're ("we" being my boss, our accountant, one other staff member and I) out of the office from mid-day on Thursday and basically through Friday (we generally stop by and drop off our stuff before heading out for the weekend). So that techincally makes it a 3.5 day week but it is by FAR the longest week of the year.

And then to top it off, this week I also had a volunteer board meeting and I came back to the office last night after that one to get a different handout done when the office was quiet.

Tonight I work at the store.

Yep. It's a LONG week.


Veronica said...

Good thing you're young...if it were me, I'd be in heap in the corner. Completely and utterly worn out ;)

As it is, I am pretty tired after my first week back at school - AND it was a short week since I had my last class at 9am this morning (Thursday) - finshing for the week at 11am.

That won't always be the case, because I do have classes some Fridays. But I have to I am glad I don't this Friday :)

Midnite Scrapper said...

Wow. Sounds crazy busy! It also sounds like you know what you're doing though. I hope that you do something for yourself afterward to kind of "wind down" from it all! =]

Kaye said...

Sounds like you are going to need a vacation after it's all over! I know I would. ;-)