Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Was I not the cutest kid ever?

I was looking for something else last night but when I ran across an "autobiography" I had done as a school project in Grade 11. A precurser to a "Book of Me" ;) I thought I'd share a few pictures just cause I'm so cute LOL

The one of me on the phone is part of my "career" page. Remember that I did this project way before I startd working. At that time I put my interests as "receptionist" which is what I did for seven years. Looks like I started training early!

The date on this photo is October 1984 which would have made me about three years old. That's my mom behind me sitting at the kitchen table. She used to wrap my arm up in a "sling" ALL the time. I *loved* pretending that I had a broken arm. I remember one time (a few years later) when I was trying to learn how to ride my bike with one hand, Mom put my arm in a sling and I rode the whole way around the block like that.

It should be noted that the cloth she used was a diaper. Seth would have still been wearing them when this picture was taken and Robert wasn't even around!
I remember the day this photo was taken. It was around the same time as the previous photo. I was only three but some how, using wood blocks, I figured out how to spell my name all by myself. I remember it being really early in the morning and when Mom got up she was SO proud of me :D


Lee said...

You were adorable, Heidi! I had to laugh at your being 3 in 1984 - I was in my second year at Mt. A!

Veronica said...

Awwww - you were cute! Great photos!!!

Shelljo said...

Sweet Heidi. Thanks for sharing!

Karin said...

Awe! What a cutie pie! Just to let you know though ~ looking at your photos makes me feel REALLY old! were 3...I was in college!

Now I want to go dig up old (circa pre 1984!) photos of me. I wasn't as cute though.