Monday, February 25, 2008

The most beautiful thing

The most beautiful thing under the sun is being under the sun. ~ Christina Wolf

So I survived my first weekend without a computer at home. Well, first weekend in a long time. It helped that I still have the tv and it was gorgeous out. Saturday morning I ran errands in the sunshine and then took some "required reading" to the park where I had an impromptu picninc lunch and soaked up some vitamin D. In the afternoon I went over to the office and was going to do a bit of work but when I got there I realized I didn't have my key with me. Instead I went up to the library and used the internet there for my hour of alloted time. Then it was back to home in time to get ready for Melissa's birthday dinner. (That's Melissa and I on the left)

Sunday I worked all. day. at the store. It was a waste of a gorgeous day but what can you do? The morning at work started out painfully slow but it picked up in the afternoon and was actually kind of fun. After that I came home and watched the Oscars while I cleaned up and organized. Normally I would have been online during the broadcast but I did okay without that connection.

For now I'm not in a big hurry to get a computer but I may in time. There's just other things that are a priority right now.

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Karin said...

I love those Spring days when the sun warms things up enough to enjoy the 1st impromptu picnic of the year! However, I was surprised to see that it occurs in February in Canada!

You are handling the no computer issue so well. I would miss mine terribly, but I accomplish so much when I wean myself from it.

Did your brother move far?