Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh the Drama!

AKA why today was a bad day to not pack a lunch

So I'm standing in line at Subway between a big burly construction dude that keeps backing up and threatening to squish me and a group of high pitched teeny boppers. Just as I reach the counter my phone rings.

Me: "Hello"
Caller: "Hello, this is XXX Security Company. We have a report of a breach at your home"

I'm thinking WTH? I don't have an alarm?

Security Company: "At XXXX XXXXX Street"

Oh, that' my parents. Apparently I'm on the call list

SC: "Are you at the residence right now?" (meaning are you the dufus who set off the alarm?)
Me: "No"
SC: "Would you like us to dispatch the police"
Me: "Uh, yeah that would make sense"
SC: "Can you go to the residence"
Me gazing longingly at the tasty looking sandwhiches on display: "Uh, yeah I guess so"

So, off I drove in the rain. Calling my dad, home, and any place my mom may be in turn. Halfway there Dad finally calls "Where are you?"
Me: "Headed to your house, where are you?"
Dad: "About 10 minutes behind you coming from the same direction. I've called {a friend} too and he's going to go over and check"

So I arrive at the house and our friend is there. I have a key so I enter, disarm the alarm which is ominously blinking "POLICE" and check all the doors. Everything is secure (Huh?) The reason we're all panicky is because about a year ago someone DID break in and cleaned out the place. They took the brand new computer, monitor, the tv, Robert's guitar and amp, Aaron's PS2 and some other things.

Everything seems to be in order so the friend leaves. I call work "Yeah, I'm going to be late coming back..."

Dad arrives a few minutes later. The only thing that is "off" is the shower in Aaron's bathroom is warm and wet (that sounds wrong LOL) We finally deduce that his friend who stays over on a regular basis must have tripped the alarm on his way out.

Dad calls the alarm company and has a lengthy talk. (He sold alarms for years so he knows how to use all their lingo like "entry point" and "contact" etc.) THEN, FOURTY full minutes after we received the inital call, the policeman arrives. Now I get that they have to attend false alarms all the time but come on. That is horrible response time. His only redeeming grace was that he was cute LOL

And after all this, I still hadn't had lunch! I hit the drive thru on the way back though.

So there. That's my excitement for the day.

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