Wednesday, February 20, 2008

White Rock

I had a super busy weekend. I worked Friday night at the store and then went over to Jenna's for a short visit. Saturday I worked from 10-2 and then went to my first Close to My Heart party.
Sunday after church I had lunch at my parents and then the three of us decided to go take advantage of the beautiful weather. Normally after dinner Dad likes to take it easy for a bit and have a coffee but Mom and I convinced him to stop at Tim Horton's on the way out. Of course he accidently spilt half of his "medium, two creams, one sugar, one shot of almond, coffee" (Timmy's is getting tobe just as bad as Starbucks!) so my car smells like coffee.

The sun was warm but it was still cool out. My mom was bundled up and wearing winter boots. It looked funny on the beach and I told her "you must think it's still February or something" LOL

We weren't the only ones who had the brilliant idea of getting out and enjoying the weather. White Rock was *packed*. It was okay though, everyone was there for the same reason. We walked along the beach to the pier (my actual destination was the bathroom LOL) and then along the street back to where we had parked. We gave in to the temptation of fish and chips and then ended up waiting for almost an hour for them to be ready. I'm glad we did though. By the time we finished and were walking the rest of the way back to the car, this is what the sky looked like. Absolutely gorgeous. I haven't seen a sunset like that at White Rock in a long time.


Veronica said...

great photos Heidi :) I love sunsets

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought that all of Canada had really bad winters! LOL
I am in Michigan and I just wish winter would end this year. Love those sunset photos.

Lee said...

Great photos, Heidi! Can't wait for the nice(er) weather here.

Kaye said...

I love watching the sun set! Beautiful photos!