Friday, February 22, 2008

Saying good-bye, again

Seth is officially moved out. The arrived on Wednesday evening (while I was at the concert) and packed everything up yesterday. His bedroom is almost completely empty. In the rest of the house it feels like he took random things but it was mostly the stuff that was his. The toaster, microwave, coffee tables, a picture off the wall, the cabinet the tv was on...but he left the tv (sweet!!!). He also took his laptop :( (not sweet). He took one frying pan, and a few assorted dishes, half the towels, oh and the other big thing, his bookshelf. So my house looks somewhat raided. I need to vacuum and clean up my stuff that got moved. Now to make a decision on what I am going to do. I was able to put it off for awhile but no more. He's officially gone.

On a brighter note, I got to spend Thursday night with them. Them being my Uncle Tim, Aunt Candace, their three boys and Seth and Robert. We went for a walk around the lake and then back to my parents house for dinner. Afterwards Tim, Seth, Robert and I played a loud game of Dutch Blitz and then we convinced Dad to join us for a round of Risk (Tim won). It was fun but way too short. I definitely need to get to Alberta to visit them all soon.


Veronica said...

That's sad Heidi :( I hope you work something out soon - about a flatmate (note: not room mate LOL) and a computer! How's the saving going??

Lee said...

:( sad for you, too, Heidi.