Saturday, December 05, 2009

Attitude of Graitude V2#24 - Footwear

I was debating calling this post "shoes" or "boots" but I realized I wanted to talk about both so "footwear" is more generic and appropriate.

I love shoes. I have lots of shoes. Too many if you ask my dad and brothers. Shoes are great because they always fit (even when you gain weight) and they really can make an outfit.

I have two boxes full of shoes. (Seth liked to point out that he had two pairs) I also have two pairs of boots (black and brown). When I saw the boots pictured here at the store, I fell in love. I debated getting them and tried to talk myself out of it but in the end, the fact that I need new boots (my black ones are easily five years old if not more) and I need them for New York and Ontario, won out. I picked them up on Wednesday and I absolutely love them. The buckles are a little different for me but they're fun. I can wait to wear them in New York.

The benefit of waiting is that I got a new pair of black flats for 40% off too. I've needed a new pair desperately and these ones are really comfy. I love new shoes!

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shirley said...

Those look super cool!