Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Company Christmas Party

Tonight was my company Christmas party. We had it out at a small golf course that closes early in the winter. It was nice because we had the whole place to ourselves. They served a really yummy turkey dinner buffet. In the past we've done games and things, this year it was just conversation and then some of the managers and the board chair gave some verbal thanks and handed out some (mostly food) gifts.

Our office is split into three main "pods". It's divided because of the services we offer and physically due to the configuration of the offices. My "pod" is administrative which is basically me and my boss. Because I don't belong to either of the other "teams", I was recognized by both! It was really nice. I know they appreciate me but it's special to have it acknowledged that way.

Now it's snowing like crazy. Everyone left the dinner praying for a snow day, and me most of all. I don't have anything horribly pressing to get to tomorrow and I'd love to have a day to just putter around the house. Here's hoping!

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