Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

I got home from Leavenworth on Tuesday and worked Wednesday and a half day Thursday. Robert was in town so we had dinner at Mom and Dad's on Wednesday and then visited and played Scrabble. Thursday after work I went shopping. I had bought Seth's present a few weeks ago and ended I up getting most of Mom's in Leavenworth. That still meant that I had to pick up Aaron's, Robert's and Dad's. I knew what I was getting each of them so it was just a matter of going to the right store and fighting the crowds. I had fun.

Christmas Eve is also Dad's birthday. I arrived at their house around 5pm and dinner was basically ready then. Mom prepared a lamb roast as a special treat for Dad. It was fantasic. We had warm blueberry gingerbread cake for dessert. Afterwards we played RISK. Mom won...which was kind of funny because she hadn't actually wanted to play in the first place.
This picture of me was taken just before going to bed. We didn't stay up super late because everyone was pretty tired.

Christmas morning we were all up before 9...really quite early for my family.

We like to take our time with gift opening and this year was no exception. Seth wasn't able to join us but he mailed his gifts and they arrived on Christmas Eve.

He sent me the "Unofficial Guide to Twilight", a mini book on Robert Pattinson and two bars of Body Shop soap. The guide is perfect. I just finished Eclipse (for the second time) and didn't want to take Breaking Dawn on the plane with me because it is still only available in hard cover. The guide is a nice compromise.
Robert also got me a Ontario. It's a really nice Michelin one and I can't wait to start visiting all the places listed in there. Mom, Aaron and Robert went together and gave me cash so I can finally invest in the Storybook Creator by Creative Memories. I am VERY excited about that! Aaron also gave me a Starbucks card. Mom and dad got me a Starbucks coffee sampler for use in my French press and Dad picked out a fleece scarf and fuzzy mittens for New York. Which is awesome, because I only have leather gloves which are NOT warm. So nothing huge or totally unexpected but all very thoughtful wonderful gifts and that's all I ever ask for at Christmas.
Christmas dinner was all our traditional favourites. Turkey, dressing (not pictured) mashed potatoes, carrots, turnips, cranberry jelly, creamed corn, bean salad, yams and gravy.

After dinner I made my family watch "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" with me. We haven't seen it in years and we laughed like crazy. I can't wait to see the places featured in the movie in real life!!!
We also played a few more games and ate lots of snacks and Christmas baking (including Mom's yummy rum balls). It was a relaxed Christmas, just the way I like it.
Merry Christmas to all my readers, where ever you are :)

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