Friday, December 11, 2009

Demo Dance

Last night I took part in my first demo dance at an assisted living facility. It’s a really nice place. Almost more like a hotel in the lobby area…there just happen to be a LOT of walkers around, and all the staff run around in scrubs. We didn’t have a big crowd of observers, maybe three dozen. We did have three squares worth of dancers, which was pretty interesting considering the space we had to dance in (not very big at all). We had fun though and I know the residents appreciated it.

I spoke with one of them briefly afterwards. She said that watching us reminded her of when she used to go dancing in Vancouver, although that was mostly ballroom dancing. She told me that she appreciates us coming to show what we do. She wished she could have joined us but in a resigned tone she said “I’m a resident here now”. It was kind of sad. She’s originally from Vancouver but her kids live out here so they moved her into this home. You can tell she feels a bit displaced even though the facility is nice.

I’m sure there are tons of stories like hers. I’m just glad we could bring them a bit of Christmas cheer.

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