Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Coincidences happen all the time. I had THREE today though.

This morning I was going through my inbox. I had an email from someone informing me of a meeting in March. It's been there for a few weeks. I finally took the information, transferred it to my calendar and filed the email. Just after that the phone rang. It was the sender of the email calling about an unrelated topic!

This afternoon I was covering reception. An associate of mine came into the office. We chatted briefly and he went on to talk to one of my coworkers. A minute later a delivery guy came in. He had a package for our sister organization that is north of us and across the river...the random thing? The package was for the associate that had just walked in! Saved the delivery guy a trip!

Just after that another guy walks in. He sees me and says
"You called this morning and spoke to my wife. I have to come in and do _____". I'm looking at this guy thinking, 'wha????' cause I don't remember him. As he keeps talking I realize he needs to go to City Hall, and speak to the Heidi there. Crazy!

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Luke said...

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