Sunday, December 05, 2010

Attitude of Graitude V3#26 - Red River Cereal

As a kid I rarely ate hot cereal. I just couldn't get past the texture. Once in a long while I'd have Cream of Wheat but oatmeal was my least favourite and I never ate Red River Cereal even though my dad had it practically every morning.

When I was doing my initial shopping when I arrived in Ontario I saw this cereal and decided to try it out. I'm not going to lie and say that the fact that I had just been through Manitoba and passed over the Red River didn't have anything to do with that decision. It certainly did. Hey, marketing works. In fact when I posted a picture of the Red River my friend Jenna commented:
"The mud from this river can be mixed with equal parts silage and gravel to make the famous Red River Cereal" :P

The good news is, my taste buds have changed. I actually really enjoy this cereal now. I eat it once or twice a week and it's best with raspberry jam. I'm thankful that I like it now because on cold winter mornings, it's perfect!


Julie said...

I've LOVED this cereal all my life, and porridge and cream of wheat, probably because we could never afford those sugar filled cereals, like captain crunch, and fruit Loops!

We had those on "special occasions" like Easter or Christmas, when those 12 pack little boxes were bought as a "treat"

Now try organic, Scottish Oatmeal, it is stone ground and very different from the porridge you buy at the grocery store!

Tom said...

I've never had red river cereal before, but I did grow up with cereals that are pretty much the same thing. I'm really tempted to try some of it now! I'm always looking for a new high-fiber morning food.