Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Don't you ever get bored with scrapbooking?"

That was Seth's comment to me on Sunday evening. I had just spent all day Saturday at Darrcie's Croptoberfest and he knew that I am going on a retreat this weekend. Sunday evening I was debating if I wanted to go get a movie, sit and watch tv, clean or scrapbook. His comment really struck me though and made me think.

Do I ever get bored with scrapbooking? No, not really. I get frustrated with it, like I am right now. I do have to stop and enjoy other pursuits sometimes but for me scrapbooking is a way of life. It's not just something I do as a hobby, it's who I am as a person. I AM a scrapbooker. It affects my activities and how I am when I'm out doing things. I affects what I read (both in print and online) and who I hang out with. I feel my life is a lot richer because of scrapbooking. How could I ever get bored with that?


1 comment:

Martha said...

Ah, such truth and wisdom you've noted about your habit and mine!
And no, I don't get tired of it either.