Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Murder on Music Row"

July 31, 2005 (My birthday) Dierks Bentley and George Jones recorded a duet called "Murder on Music Row". It was a re-make of the one that George Strait and Alan Jackson did. George & Alan's original version won "CMA Song of the Year" in 2001.

Practically since the day Dierks & George re-recorded the song, I have been waiting for it's release. The original story was that it was coming out on a "Song of the Year" compilation that was going to be distributed by Starbucks. Over a year later, the story changed and an official announcement was made stating that the compilation would now be marketed by Cracker Barrel. Here's a link to the press release: clicky

The cd was released on October 3rd as promised. Unfortunately the closest Cracker Barrel to me is in Idaho. I want a copy of the cd but I am not willing to pay $17USD for shipping (and that's the cheaper option!). Instead I've been biding my time figuring I'll get it at some point. (Maybe someone will take pity on me and mail it out ;)).

Today I was on and noticed that as a special feature for the fan club members they are playing acoustic versions of some of the tracks from his Long Trip Alone CD (the new one). I listened to each of the three tracks and then expected it to start them again. Instead, I got to hear "Murder on Music Row"!!! Dierks & George's version is just as great as I had hoped it would be.

I still want that CD but at least I don't have to wait to hear the song!


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Emmy said...

There's a Cracker Barrel real close to me ... put it on your list for Santa to tell your twin and maybe she can get it for ya :)