Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ultra freaky

Last night I downloaded my pictures to Seth's laptop. They completely out of order though and I don't know if he has software that will allow me to rotate them. It's very frustrating. Also blogger hasn't been very co-operative with letting me share pictures so I'm waffling on what to do. I need to upload some of the pictures to shutterfly to share with the people that I toured with. I can probably just share the link here and you guys can see my shots there. Does that work? Then I can comment there too. Decisions, decisions.

Please forgive my split attentions right now but I have to share this or I will burst! Last night after downloading my I'm going to start before that. Monday night on the way home from work I stopped at Wong's for fruit and vegetables. On the way there I was thinking to myself "I have nothing sheduled all week! How cool is that?" (Dance has been cancelled becuase our caller is on vacation). Anyways, no sooner did I get into Wong's then I met an ex-co-worker that I have been thinking of calling for a few weeks. We exchanged numbers and will be meeting for coffee sometime next week.

After Wong's I hit the grocery store. There I ran into Jenna and we made plans for dinner last night. Amazing how fast my calendar fills up :) Anyhow, at dinner last night we were joined by Janik. When I graduated highschool most of my friends went to the local university college. I just went to work. There they met Janik. He is from the town where I currently work and has been at a lot of our group events over the years. He also stood up for Jenna and Will when they got married. I sat between him and another groomsman at the head table.

Last night I (obviously) mentioned the Dierks concert in January (keep in mind that Jenna has been my concert buddy for the last three Dierks concerts). I also mentioned that Doc Walker was opening for Dierks. Janik said "I saw them!" I was like "When?" (because they haven't actually been in town that much). He said "At Agri-fair" (which is where I saw them). I said "Me too!" and he said "I know, I saw your comment on their message board after the concert!". Ultra-freaky! That was four years ago!!! Yes I have known him for almost eight years and yes I posted on the message board after the concert (one of the first online boards I had EVER posted to) but I didn't know anyone saw that!!!

Anyways, to make a long story short, Jenna's baby is due around Christmas so she probably won't be in the concert going frame of mind. Janik said to keep him in mind though.

Oh, and I called the radio station this morning. The code for the pre-sale should be coming via email sometime today.

I'm excited. Can you tell? :D


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Terri in BC said...

You need Memory Manager, Heidi - you can have it sort your pictures by the time they were taken. Terri