Monday, October 30, 2006

Ice Skating & Sushi

After I got home from the retreat and unloaded my stuff Seth and I met Mom and Aaron at the ice rink for our first ice skating session of the season. When I was a kid I took a week of lessons so I can at least move myself around the rink. I don't go incredibly fast and I can't stop abruptly or skate backwards but I haven't fallen in a long time (knock on wood). It was really fun. My legs and ankles were sore during but afterwards and today, they are fine. I'm hoping to get many sessions of ice-skating in this year. It's great excercise!

Afterwards we stopped at the little cafe and Aaron and I each picked up an order of California Rolls since I hadn't had dinner. Seth got Burger King on the way home. Mom and Aaron came over and we played cards for a couple of hours before calling it a night. It was a lot of fun.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 when my alarm went off. Luckily I realized that I had forgotten to re-set it the night before so I got to sleep for another 45 minutes or so. The time change is weird though. It's nice to not have to turn the lights on in the morning while I'm getting ready but I know that in a month or so we will be back where we were last week and it will feel like it's dark all day. I vote for just leaving it ahead.



LvHmBirth said...

Oh goodness. Ice-skating AND sushi? What a heavenly day!

Veronica in Aus said...

Ugh. You got to sleep a bit long - me, I had to get up earlier! I hate the start of daylight saving.