Friday, October 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 26th

Tuesday morning work began. My co-worker and boss arrived Monday night and Tuesday we jumped in feet first. Breakfast and then meetings. In the afternoon my co-worker and I took a taxi over to the Franklin Institute where we did a site visit for the banquet planned for Friday night. After our visit we spent a bit of time in the Institute. It is a science museum similar to Science World but with a strong focus on the studies that Benjamin Franklin carried out.

We chose to walk the twenty or so blocks back to the hotel along Market Street in downtown Philadelphia. Had I left Philly that night I would not have had a very good impression of the city. The soaring buildings in the financial district were impressive and the obvious history everywhere you looked was pretty neat too but walking down the street that day I didn’t feel very safe and none of the stores were inviting in the least. Maybe it wasn’t just my style of shopping, maybe it was because I had basically just arrived. Either way, I’m glad I was in Philadelphia for a few more days because my opinion did end up changing.

The rest of my photos are here: in the "agent713 - Philly" album. More blog entries to come...


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