Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy Turkey Day!

Okay, I'm still halfway through my DC blog. Inspiration is just not striking. I did burn my pictures to a CD last night so that I could upload them today but my computer is not recognizing the disk drive. I give up.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. A fact that would have completely escaped me had it not been for the friendly reminders in retail land. I stopped at the grocery store yesterday and said to myself "how nice, the have the turkeys out already!" Ummm...yes Heidi, they need them for this weekend!!!

As far as my plans, they're still up in the air. I'm going to a card class at an LSS tomorrow for sure. Sunday my family *may* go up to visit Robert (we haven't decided yet). I have Monday off but I'll be back Tuesday. Hopefully by then my computer and my brain will be more co-operative.

Happy T-Day!


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