Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Great Texas Road Trip

Thursday, April 12 Naomi dropped me off at the Budget rent-a-car in Beaumont at about nine in the morning. After signing paperwork and transferring my luggage I set out on my Great Texas Road Trip.

Last week I was inspired to write about my trip so I'm just going to type that verbatim. Excuse the somewhat formal wording.
During mydrive to San Antonio I fellt completely content. I had just finished spending time and making memories with a wonderful group of people yet I was on my way to another set of adventures. The sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant blue. The wildflowers (blue bonnets, indian paintbrush and black eyed susans) covered the hill sides and the long horn cattle grazed contentedly in the pastures. (The first picture here shows the rice fields just outside of Beaumont. Did you know that they grow rice in Southeast Texas?)
Sure driving through Houston was a bit interesting (have I mentioned yet how much I *love* the American Interstate system? It just makes so much sense!) and the construction before the city was a pain (I saw SO many people drive across the median to avoid waiting in traffic). I entertained myself by planing the license plate game, (I counted over 30 different plates by the time I got to Dallas) by scanning radio stations (who knew there were so many Spanish and Christian stations?) and I rewarded myself for making it out of the city by stopping at Wal-Mart in Katy to pick up some cd's that I had been coveting.
That's as far as I got with that journalling.
The cd's I bought were George Strait, Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet "Live at Texas Stadium" (appropriate don't you think?) the new Tim McGraw "Let it Go" which, if you buy it at Wal-Mart in the states, comes with a DVD with music videos on it and Craig Morgan's "My Kind of Livin'". I figured since he'd be on stage at Billy Bob's it might be good to have at least one of his cd's plus, it was only $5.99 :) I also bought some snacks and a frappacino to sustain me on the LONG drive to San Antonio ;)

Texas is fairly flat but not totally, as evidenced by this picture. (Excuse the dirt on the windshield. Apparently the car I rented had only been returned a few minutes before)

I really, really enjoyed that drive. I can't remember what month my parents visited Texas (October maybe?) but they made it sound like a desert wasteland. I kind of expected the whole tumble weeds and cactus thing to be going on. Apparently I visited too early in the year because as I said earlier, it was beautiful and green.
Naomi's mom had suggested that I stop at "Buc-ee's if I needed gas or a break. I had fun reading all the billboards leading up to it. It's an interesting place. Sort of a rest stop, convenience store, tourist trap all in one.

Other then that my trip was pretty uneventful. I found Ginger's house without a problem. I'll blog about our evening seperately.


Veronica in Aus said...

Um - how'd you take the shots through the windscreen? Huh?


Yeah, TX looks much greener in your pics than I remember it.

agent713 said...

I am the QUEEN of taking pictures while driving :D Wait till I show you my blue bonnet pictures from outside of Dallas. They didn't work as well. It's mostly a blue smear LOL

I used to take pictures while driving ALL the time! Remember when I took you up the valley to see the mountains? I have tons of pictures of those and I never stopped :D