Friday, May 25, 2007


So Wednesday I drove Mere to SEATAC. It was very uneventful. We had a sweet older man as our border guard and he let us through with only a few comments about the weather. Traffic was surprisingly light, even through Everett and we got to the airport area in record time. Using the HOV lane and my heavy foot both helped :D Because we had gotten down there so fast we took the time to go for dinner at Johnny Rockets and then I dropped Mere at the airport.

I did have a minor adventure getting gas. First of all I couldn't use my credit card at the pump because it requires a zip code which of course I don't have. Then I didn't see the sign that said "Pay BEFORE you pump". Then when I DID pump I couldn't get it to stay on. The attendant had to come out and help me. I felt like such a freak and I'm sure he thought I was one too.

I took my time getting home. It was a bit surreal to be that far South on a weeknight. You can tell that summer is coming too because it really didn't get totally dark until after ten. It was strange. I mean it wasn't light out but it definitely wasn't dark yet.

Getting back across the border to Canada was a breeze. The only interesting question he asked was "when was the last time you were in the states". Luckily I remembered that Darrcie's Memoranza was on May 5th.

Yesterday (Thursday) Mom and I had a mini picnic at the church. Our church is out in the country and there is a fire pit there. We risked the wrath of the bylaw officers by lighting a fire (you're really not supposed to burn anything but it's totally contained and away from anything flamable). We had the scrabble board set up too and we tied! First time I've tied in a long time.

Tonight (Friday) should be pretty laid back and tomorrow I'm going out to Deb's to scrapbook for the day. We talk every day all day by email haven't seen each other in person since January. It's time.

Have a great weekend!


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