Monday, May 07, 2007

National Scrapbook Day Re-cap

This is taken from an email I sent to Deb this morning.

My weekend was good. I was SO tired by the time I got home yesterday though! Okay, I'll start at the beginning. Friday I left work, went home and changed and went to Mere's mom's house for dinner. It was awesome. Very gourmet. She always out does herself. It's fun to eat there. We hung around at her house for a bit visiting (it was Mere, me, her mom and four of her mom's co-workers) and then headed over to her church for the fashion show evening. It was the first time the church had done anything like it so it was a bit rough but it was a lot of fun. Lots of laughs and interesting things. The funny part for me was seeing all these people that I haven't seen in *years*. I used to go to Awana with Mere and her mom has been friends with the same core group for over twenty years so there was a lot of familiar, if older, faces. They all recognized me too which was kind of neat.

Saturday morning I got up at my regular weekday time, loaded up my car and headed out. It took about twenty minutes to get across the border because, before eight o'clock they only have one guard on. I crossed over just after eight. I took a slightly different route past Bellingham becuase someone had suggested it. I don't know that it was any faster but it was different and very pretty, which was nice. I got to Everett at about 9:30. From my house to the church is 150 kms so 1.5 hours is just about right! Sue (foleysfriend), Anne (jellybeans) Christie Jo (seajay) and I had a table at the back of the room (by the door to the washroom where the embosser was set up last year). Because there was lower attendance then in October (Darrcie says that it is always lower in May) we each had half and eight foot table. Lots of room.

The product that I forgot I had ordered was a 7x7 Denim Album for my country concerts. I picked up Seth's coverset as well and put the pages in it along with most of the page protectors. I still have a few finishing touches to do there and then I'm DONE! I didn't end up seeing him at all this weekend so I wasn't able to pick his brain. Maybe next weekend :) I started on my DC/VA/PA 2006 album and made good progress. I was initially doubting my choice of black pages but after getting input from the group, I decided to go with it. My problems is that I'm TIRED of black pages. My PA 2005 album was on black pages, Seth's Hawaii album was on black, the country concerts album was on black. I need a break from black. Anyways, the album is going fairly well. The retreat portion is only going to be five double page spreads which I'm happy with. In total I finished about eight single page layouts and started about a half a dozen more. Not stellar numbers but I'm happy with it considering 1. it's a new project that I'm still working out in my mind, 2. all the chatting we did :)

Sue let me borrow her mp3 player in the evening which was great because the people noise was getting to me. Having some calming Kenny in my ear really relaxed me. Anne and I did a Starbucks run after dinner as well but the caffeine never really kicked in. Clean up went really fast and we were back at Darrcie's by midnight. Of course we chatted for a bit to wind down and by the time my head hit the pillow I was OUT. I set my alarm for 7:30 the next morning and was out of there by 8.

Church was good but I was tired. Afterwards I headed straight over to the Stampin-Up! class hosted by one of my ex-coworkers at my old work. Luckily I thought it was at one but it didn't start until 1:30 so I wasn't actually late. The demonstrator was good. We made ten cards, all of which I was very happy with. She made a point of supplying options for the greetings so they weren't all birthday or thank you or whatever. I got to use a crimper for the first time (I think) and a brayer. I ordered the "City of David" stamp set which I wanted last Christmas but talked myself out of for some reason along with a "night of navy" stamp pad and paper. I'm planning on using it for my Christmas cards this year. It's May. It's time to start thinking about that right? LOL

I won the door prize too. A baggie with card stock for two cards, two envelopes, various ribbon and twine bits and a stamp that says "Chick Up" from one of the Sale-a-bration sets. Very cute. The demonstrator is based in Maple Ridge so I did tell her that I have a local consultant who sends me catalogues and stuff but I would like to be on her email list for events and stuff.

I ended up going home after the class and, after checking my email and the board briefly, I took a nap. I was SO tired. I slept for about three hours, got up, un packed a bit, tidied up the house (it was all my mess, I question if Seth was even THERE over the weekend) and then went back to bed. Today I feel quite rested. Here's to another week! I hope your weekend was as good as mine :)


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