Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Observations

  • The birds will ignore your car until you wash it. Then it's open season.
  • Extra cheery Tim Horton's employees just come across as fake
  • The phone won't ring until your mouth is full
  • Good songs just make me happy
  • The day after a board meeting are my favourite days of the whole year
  • Other people love cheese just as much as I do
  • When you get behind on blogging, it's hard to get caught up
  • Some people just call to talk
  • A whole summer without board meetings is fantastic
  • Happy news from someone you don't know very well balances out not so happy news from someone you do know well
  • A small AGM is okay even if it means we don't get to leave BC
  • 3" heels LOOK great but they can be a pain
  • Ditto for linen skirts
  • Just when you think everything is going okay, another bird poops on you :P

1 comment:

~dawn~ said...

So I was standing in my kitchen looking into my fridge last night and even though I have no real food and haven't been to the grocery store in weeks, I laughed because I have like 4 different kinds/packages of cheese. So that's what I had for dinner. Cheese.