Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Victoria Day Weekend

The weekend was alright. The weather was crappy so I stayed inside most of the time...actually all of the time :P Friday Meredith convinced me to come out to South Surrey to her aunt and uncle's house where she was house sitting. She's wanted me to see it since they moved in last summer (they built it) and since they are moving (to a water view home in White Rock) it was one of my last chances. I was *tired* on Friday but the drive was relaxing. I stayed over night but we were in bed by 10! Saturday morning we got up and went and had breakfast at Fronds on Marine Drive in White Rock and then I came back home.

I spent most of Saturday afternoon scrapbooking. I finished Seth's Hawaii album and gave it to him and did a few more pages in my DC album. Saturday evening was bible study. Sunday was church and afterwards I came home and made two batches of yummy corn bread. That evening I went over to my friends house for a birthday party. There was a large group of us (23 including kids) and LOTS of food. It was nice to just sit around and visit.

Monday was supposed to be a "family day" but because the weather was gross I just stayed home and scrapbooked. I finished Di's visit in 2005, uploaded a bunch of layouts and organized some other stuff. Dad took Mom, Aaron and I to the 3:00 showing of Shrek III. The theatre was packed! The show was okay. Funny in parts but IMO, not destined to be a classic. Monday evening was just spent at home. Seth was home all weekend and he took up residence on the couch, mostly playing video games while I sat in my command center with my scrapbook table in front of me and the computer beside me. All in all it was a relaxing weekend but definitely not memorable. I have to admit, I'm glad this is a short week :)


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