Tuesday, April 18, 2006

78, toes, stitches, work & Easter...an update

I was caller 78 of 79 this morning to qualify for an awesome trip to the American Country Music Awards in Vegas. Even if I didn’t get the trip I would have gotten the latest cd’s from Kenny, Keith, Brooks & Dunn (which I have) and Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts (which I’d accept for free but not pay for). It would have been cool. The good news is that I actually got through. I’ve never even gotten through on that station.

And from the sublime to the ridiculous. I stubbed my toe last night. The second littlest one on my left foot. It *HURTS* SOOOO bad. This morning it was all bruised and pretty. That’s why it hurt so bad!

Seth did me one better. He was trying to get into a box of plastic wrap at work last night and gashed his hand with his box cutter. He now has four stitches on the palm of his right hand. Good thing he’s a lefty!

Work has been insanely busy. My boss is back for two days so we have to crush a bunch of stuff in. I’m doing okay though. Not being as productive as I’d like but coping with the craziness.

Easter was good. The boys came over for lunch on Friday and Sunday there was an Easter buffet for the church. Lots of food.

So, that's me as of 4:30 on Tuesday, April 18th.



Veronica in Aus said...

ooooh! About the toe - that was the toe that I broke! Stubbed it on my extremely solid couch while running to the phone on the morning of one of my last exams at University. I jammed my foot into a shoe and hobbled to my exam. When I got home and took my shoe off, the foot almost exploded (LOL)...and swelled up instantly. The bruise was terrible. Anyway, I couldn't wear shoes for about 3 months! The Doc said there was nothing he could do for that particular toe (it is already naturally splinted by the otyher toes).

Hope your toe isn't broken. Sending healing vibes your way...

Emmy said...

I am trying to win that trip to Vegas for the awards too ... if I win I will take you and vice versa ok? :)
Sorry to hear about your toe! I stubbed mine about a month ago and it is still a bit sore under the nail.