Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sonics Photos

As promised, here are some of the photos from the Sonics game on Sunday.

These guys did the half time show. (below) They were amazing!!! They did backflips all across the court from a standing still position. Very cool. My drunk friend was quite impressed that I caught them on camera :D
Darrcie and her third quarter nachos.

Notice my cool hat? They were giving them away on the way in. It's really nice looking but it has a funky elastic band on the inside so it's not all that confortable to wear :(

One of many foul shots.
I like this shot because even though that was the Suns net for the last half of the game, all you can see is Sonics. Defense! Defense! Defense! :D
The final score.

A requisite Space Needle shot. Notice the moon though? It was actually pretty clear out.

There you go. Pictures as promised. I took more but these are my favourites. Think I'll have enough for a double page spread? ;)



Emmy said...

Awesome photos! Is that the monorail in front of the Needle there? I'm soooooo homesick now! Wait, how long till I'm out there, it's gettin close!

agent713 said...

Hey! Did you know that if you click on the pictures they get bigger? I didn't realize that was a default. Cool!

No, that's not the monorail. It would be behind whatever building that is. Sorry :(

How long till you're here? Less then four months!


Janis said...

Where's the picture of the drunk guys?

agent713 said...

LOL you know, I thought about it but they left before I could take it :)

Emmy said...

Ok from my fuzzy eyes it looked like monorail but on closer inspection I see it's not, either way it's still an awesome pic!

Ummmm let's see ... less than 4 months now I think :) Wow.

Veronica in Aus said...

Awesome photos!!!! Wow - you did a great job. Can't wait to see these scrapped :)