Saturday, April 01, 2006

3% margin of error

The phone rings this morning. From the call display I can tell it's some type of tellemarketer.

Me: Hello
TM: Hello, is this Mrs.XXX
Me: Yes (lie #1 :D)
TM: Can we take about thirty seconds of your time to do a quick survey?
Me: Sure
TM: Do you or anyone in your house have allergies or asthma?
Me: No (lie #2, Dad has both and all us kids suffer from allergies but I just in case this opens up a whole new line of questioning, I answer the easy way)
TM: Are you married?
Me: No (Hello? They asked for MRS. XXX but I'm not married. Good one :P)
TM: Are you the homeowner
Me: No (we rent)
TM: What percentage of your house is carpet
Me: I dunno, a lot
TM: To give credibility to our pathetic thirty second survey I need to know your field of employment <-- paraphrased :P
Me: Administrative
TM: How long?
Me: 8 years (actually it's only been seven but eight sounded better :P)
TM: Thank you for your time.

So there, I am officially the "3% margin of error" listed on the survey results. Like Mom says, if you have to be anything, be a statistic.


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