Saturday, April 01, 2006

New CD's

Last night I stopped at Walmart to pick up some pictures. While I was there I checked out the music department. They had re-issued copies of George Strait's "If You Ain't Lovin'...You Ain't Livin'" and Toby Keith's "Boomtown" (which has the single "Big Trucks" that I have been wanting to get". Each CD was $5.99. GREAT price!

Today Mom and I took a drive down to Walmart in the states. We made the border guard laugh. She was like "You just passed a Walmart" and we said "yeah, the American one has different stuff and even with exchange it's often cheaper" Which it is...if you are careful.

Mom bought some cotton batting material. $3.99/yard. In Canada it's over $8.00! I hit the music department again. Kenny's "Be As You Are" for $9.72, George's "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" for $5.88 (and it should be noted that that was awarde Album of the Year from the CMA's in 1984) and Tim McGraw's brand new "Greatest Hits II - Reflected" for $9.72. I wasn't going to buy the Tim CD but I couldn't pass up that price.

As a comparison, $9.72 USD at today's exchange rate is $11.54. I have yet to see Kenny's BAYA CD for less then $17 in Canada. That's a savings of over $5. Well worth the drive.

You do have to be careful though. There were other CD's that were just as much or MORE down there. Definitely a buyer beware situation.

I'm happy with what I got though :) Oh, and coming back the guard didn't even ask to see my reciept so no duty. It was great!


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